Les mesures pour les armées, la sécurité et la justice. Le projet de loi de finances (PLF) pour 2024 est marqué par lutte contre l'inflation et la baisse du déficit public dans un contexte d'incertitudes au niveau international et de remontée des taux d'intérêt. Le gouvernement table sur une prévision de croissance de 1% Plus d'information 2023 et de ...


Here are a few of the active issue task forces currently organizing around equity issues. If you're interested in joining, or have an interest in organizing around an equity issue you don't see listed, or would simply like to learn more reach out to an organizer.


Access to Health & Housing

  • Ensured a new bus route in South KC, which takes residents to healthier grocery stores.
  • Worked collaboratively with KC corner stores to ensure healthier food options for residents.
  • Won Question One, Healthy Homes, Rental Housing Inspections on the August 2018 ballot in KCMO.


    • Registered hundreds of voters in lower income census tracks all over the metro.
    • Engaged voters on health, public education and voter suppression issues.
    • Engaged in broad Get-Out-The-Vote efforts in multiple campaigns and elections across the metro.


    • Saved KCPS from complete decimation, when powers were trying to turn the school district into an entirely charter school system.
    • In coalition, ensured the passage of a cap on TIF, which means more money generated from TIF projects into our public schools, libraries, etc.

    Criminal Justice

    • Modified the KCMO Liquor License Ordinance (three times) to open jobs to people with a felony.
    • Passed Missouri State Statute to eliminate the lifetime ban on food stamps for people with drug convictions.
    • Passed Ban the Box in KCMO, KCK, and Johnson County, KS, removing Criminal History Questions off municipal employment applications.
    • Passed Ban the Box in KCMO to ensure removal of criminal history questions for landlords and private employers.
    • Assisted with passage of Exoneree Compensation Bill in Kansas.
    • Ensured funding of a Conviction Integrity Unit in Wyandotte Co., to review old convictions and ensure that justice was/is properly pursued.

      Work & Transportation

      • Ensured the first Workforce Ordinance in KCMO, requiring project hours for women and people of color in KC.
      • Ensured the passage of MBE/WBE in Jackson County.
      • Ensured the passage and implementation of a Community Benefits Agreement Resolution, which allows for workforce development deals on TIF and other city projects.
      • In coalition, passed an increase of the minimum wage in KCMO.
      • Worked in coalition to win Raise Up MO and CLEAN (ethics reform) in Missouri in 2018.
      • Allied with Unions to defeat Right to Work in MO.
      • Won Sunday Bus Routes in Kansas City, KS.
      • Ensured a Community Benefits Agreement on the Christopher Bond Bridge, with MODOT, to gain workforce training for women and people of color.


        • Gained public commitments from Kansas elected and appointed officials to prevent mass deportation and fear among immigrants.
        • Won Welcoming Proclamations all over the metro.
        • Ensured “sanctuary” commitments from area congregations.
        • Provided legal services and information to hundreds of immigrant families in Kansas/MO.

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