Mothers of those shot by KC police demand for change

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) — Transparency. Training. Accountability.

That’s the message from a group of women who want to see changes in local police departments.

KCTV5’s Kaci Jones was at a press conference on Friday where the group laid out their demands.

A group of mostly women, along with some family, friends, and other allies marched down Broadway to hang a banner with demands over the Broadway bridge.

“To demand better for our children. To stand together in alliance. To entreat transparency and training. To demand a just reckoning for each of the people responsible for the death of these sons who are commemorated today,” said Rev. Laura Ellis, Co-Chair of the Kansas Clergy Caucus.

The demands follow the deaths of Ryan Stokes, Donnie Sanders, Dantae Franklin, Cameron Lamb and Terrence Bridges. All were shot and killed by Kansas City police.

Bridges’ sister Tierra Cox came from Chicago to speak for her brother. He was unarmed and shot in the chest last May.

“We want justice,” she said. “Nothing can take this pain away. Nothing can bring my brother back. We are still grieving. This just happened last year.”

Out of five men killed by police, charges have only been filed in Lamb’s case. However, data shows convictions are rare in police-involved shootings.

“We’re not going to stop until justice is served, convictions are given, the narratives are changed. No justice, no peace,” said Kiku Brooks, Co-Chair for the Board of Directors of More2.

The loved ones, allies, and advocates want better police training, transparency, and accountability. They believe it starts with a new chief and local control of the KCPD.

“Our children are being murdered for no reason and the narratives are being shifted to make the murderers look like heroes,” Brooks said.

Shelia Albers, mother of John Albers who was shot and killed by Overland Park police, also spoke at the rally.

The group plans to continue protesting and asking public officials to reform the police department.

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