send a postcard to tell kansas legislators: it's time to expand medicaid!

The Kansas Faith + Democracy table is organizing people from across the state to send a message to our elected officials in Topeka, we have waited too long and now is the time to expand Medicaid!

Across our nation, millions of people gained access to affordable health insurance through expanded Medicaid programs available through the Affordable Care Act.  

Yet here in Kansas, we’re experiencing a healthcare crisis as over 150,000 of our neighbors fall in the coverage gap, earning too much to qualify for the state Medicaid program but too little to receive federal subsidies that would make private insurance attainable. In fact, a single parent with two children making more than $8,354 per year (or about $688 a month) makes too much to qualify under our current state law.  

Health care access hits communities of color the hardest, with Black Kansans more than twice as likely to be uninsured as white Kansans, and Hispanic Kansans more than three times as likely.

But, this isn’t just about those who don’t have health insurance, the failure of legislators to expand Medicaid impacts all of us.  Already, many Kansans are forced to travel hours for healthcare with more and more hospitals and medical offices closing.  In fact, 76 hospitals across our state are at immediate or high risk of closing.  Without expansion, many rural hospitals will close.  And urban and suburban hospitals will experience more overcrowding and longer wait times. 

There is a common sense solution:  expand the state’s Medicaid program as 40 other states have done successfully.  A recent survey showed that nearly 8 in 10 Kansans support expanding the state’s Medicaid program.  And this support is bipartisan. Majorities of Republicans, Democrats, and independents all agree.  

That’s why the Kansas Faith + Democracy table is asking all people and communities of faith to join us in a campaign to let our elected officials know: we cannot wait any longer.  Expanding medicaid is not a conservative or liberal issue, it’s a moral issue. We’ve made these postcards, addressed to our legislators, that explain just that and can demonstrate that Kansans agree: now is the time to expand Medicaid.  

Will you complete the form on this page to send a postcard to your legislators in Topeka?