MORE2 Stands for Justice:  Vote Yes on April 5th!


50 people united in a Circle of Unity on March 31, 2011.  Rev. Bob Hill, MORE2 Clergy Caucus Co-Chair and Senior Minister of Community Christian Church, convened the group.  He stood in the shadow of Abraham Lincoln in front of City Hall, calling the Earnings Tax Renewal campaign, a “People’s Campaign.  Close to 100 associations and other groups have joined in on the campaign.

The MORE2 Board voted unanimously to support the passage of the Earnings Tax, which is up for renewal on April 5th.  Over one dozen clergy from throughout the metro area united in support.

Teaching, preaching and praying on this issue, the MORE2 congregations joined together to educate their 12,000 families who work or live in the metro area.

The group joined hands around Lincoln and each participant stated what they “stood for.”

“I stand for Equity”–“I stand for Justice”–“I stand for my children”

A powerful event indeed!
Ministers Pray for E-Tax Passage
Clergy Support E-Tax
Click here for a video

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