Listening Campaigns

The Listening Campaign is a focused and disciplined four to six week effort to build community in a specific congregation or faith community. Teams of trained visitors conduct one -on-one visits with members of their congregation. Congregations are as strong or as weak as the relationships that bind it together. The Listening Campaign intends to strengthen those bonds.


One-on-One Visits

A one-on-one visit is an intentional, 30-45 minute, face to face conversation for the purpose of building a relationship and understanding what really matters to that person being visited. It is not a sales pitch or a survey. People are not asked to give money or do anything during the visit.


The Potential Impact

· Congregations identify issues of concern.

The issues of concern to their members regarding their family, neighborhoods, city and the metropolitan region will be identified and become part of the process of setting issue priorities for MORE2.

· Congregations become intentionally more relational.

People get to know one another. People who may not have been very involved previously are invited to participate.

· Congregations find and develop new leaders.

The size of the leadership circle within the congregation increases. People are challenged to reach their potential and to grow as leaders.

· Congregations clarify their vision.

A clearer understanding develops of where the congregation is now and where it is going in the future. By listening to and understanding the concerns and passions of the congregation, then working to address the concerns and unleash the passions, more people are involved and excited.

· Congregations become more involved ecumenically.

Working and training along with other congregations of different denominations and backgrounds created energy and a chance to get to know your neighbor while we build a “Metropolitan Community.”

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