Mary’s Farewell letter to MORE2

January 30, 2012

To the MORE2 Board:

As you know, I will be leaving my position as Executive Director of MORE² on February 15, 2012 to take a position as Lead Organizer of Genesis, the Gamaliel affiliate in Oakland, California.

I took this position in the midst of the work of the MORE² Jericho Table—which started everything for MORE².  I did not dream that breaking down the walls of Jericho would lead me to understanding that a prophetic voice could change the way the construction industry thought about including minorities and women into real careers.

I took this position in the midst of the construction of the I-CON Bridge, now known as the Christopher S. Bond Bridge.  Who knew that this would result in changes in our landscape of how minorities and women are included in transportation jobs—not just in the metro area, but all over the country.  I leave this position knowing that our work is not over, as we set our sights on the great state of Kansas and dream with the Kansas Department of Transportation on how to make things better.

I took this position in the midst of the formation of the MORE² Education Task Force.  Who knew that our work would result in the passing of Persistence to Graduation—a law that focused on innovative programs to prevent kids from dropping out of school.  We learned that dropping out of school is a process that begins early for many children.  I leave this position knowing that our work in education is meant to be the voice for order in the midst of chaos and in an atmosphere where more money is invested into prisoners than to our children’s education.

I took this position not knowing one single thing about transit as a policy initiative.  I am grateful for the MORE² Access to Opportunity and Health teams for giving me the opportunity to learn about this issue and fuel my anger on how very little thought is given in our legislatures about transit dependent people.  We often have been in the position of being the sole voice for equity when talking about transit with public officials.

I took this position having a lot of fear about money.  I learned from all of you how raising money for the budget of MORE² through our banquet, through grassroots fundraising and through grants is THE way of showing the world that our work matters.  I leave this position knowing that we have a solid foundation of raising money that is hinged with the commitment of all of the leadership.

When I took the position with MORE² in June of 2007, I could not imagine the extreme opportunities that this job has afforded me.   I remember being impressed by the commitment of the clergy and the leadership to racial and economic justice.  I walked into this job being clueless about what was before me.  I leave this job being transformed forever.  Thank you for the opportunity to be the Organizer for MORE².


Mary Lim-Lampe, JD

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