“IT TAKES A VILLAGE” to move a bus. . . (Margie Richcreek, TAN)

After visits with every KCMO City Council member and other officials–alliance building with the Transit Action Network, the Whole Person, the Health Commission, the Full Employment Council, the Amalgamated Transit Union, the KCATA and others–WE DID IT!!

The KCMO City Council passed a substitute to Ordinance 100591 yesterday. That would require 95% of the KCMO transportation sales tax be devoted to KCATA by 2014.  The ordinance further requires the City  Manager to incrementally increase the current appropriation to 95%, beginning with the budget taking effect on May 1, 2011.

The phase-in period is designed to give the City Manager some flexibility in developing a budget while still ultimately getting to the 95% level.

Here is an article on the issue:


Thank you to all of you who called your council member!!! We logged close to 50 calls.  As Rev. Margaret Roberts remarked yesterday, “The transit issue is a civil rights issue.”

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