Access to Health: This group is working on the passage of Medicaid Expansion in Missouri. They work in coalition with other organizations in Missouri to ensure access to insurance for those who cannot afford or do not qualify for the Affordable Care Act or the current Medicaid plan in Missouri. In the past, this task force has addressed other health related issues, winning a new bus route in South Kansas City, to give residents greater access to grocery stores. They also have gotten healthier food offerings in two Kansas City corner/ convenience stores.

Criminal Justice Task Force: This group works on the entire continuum that has led to mass incarceration. Their work ranges from addressing policing issues to the “collateral consequences” tied to having a felony conviction. Their victories include Ban the Box in multiple jurisdictions (Kansas City, Missouri, Wyandotte County, Johnson County); twice modifying the KCMO Liquor License Ordinance (which once prevented people with convictions from working in restaurants, grocery stores and gas stations); and the passage of Ban the Ban (removing the lifetime ban for food stamp eligibility for people with drug related felonies in Missouri).

Education Task Force: This promotes equitable, quality public education for ALL students. This includes ensuring local control, equitable funding, experienced teachers, and early childhood education. Recently, this has meant fighting for a fair percentage of money to be returned to KCPS from incentivized economic development projects in the city. This task force’s major victories include having foiled a plan at the hands of the state that would have decimated Kansas City Public Schools and winning a drop-out prevention bill in Missouri. s task force 

Immigration Task Force: The Immigration Task Force merged with the work of AIRR to address everything from Comprehensive Immigration Reform with a clear pathway to citizenship to local issues like treatment of immigrants by law enforcement and Welcoming Proclamations. With funding from the Health Care Foundation, this group is conducting a major discernment project throughout the metro area to identify health, safety and wellness issues among immigrants and their families. Every month, AIRR and MORE2 leaders do a “Solidarity Walk,” to show support for Comprehensive Immigration Reform with a Pathway to Citizenship. The leaders, immigrants and allies walk one mile, from one MORE2 congregation to another, on the 11th of each month, in support of the 11 million people living in the country who do not have a clear pathway to citizenship.

Kansas Caucus: The Kansas Caucus has been developing over the past two years with our covenanting Kansas congregations AND members of Missouri congregations who reside in Kansas. More congregations have joined the organization, with a growing concern about the ever increasing inequities in Kansas and a desire to create an agenda to promote values like “working together for the common good.” After several months of effort, this group lead the passage of Ban the Box in Johnson County, Kansas, just a few weeks ago. Now, Kansas leaders are committed to voter engagement work, and meanwhile they will develop a full slate of issues to be addressed over time.

Workforce and Infrastructure Task Force: This task force works with a wide variety of educational, governmental, labor, business and non-profit groups to develop job training for high school and community college students, to put Kansas City, Missouri residents to work in City contracts, to increase the employment of people of color and women, and to support a living wage. MORE2 major workforce victories include a Community Benefits Agreement that ensured jobs for women and people of color on the ICON (Kit Bond) Bridge and the passage of the KCMO Workforce Ordinance, which ensures project hours for women and people of color on city funded construction projects.