It all started at the MORE” Congregational Assembly at St. Stephen Baptist Church on February 22, 2011.  Rev. Margaret Roberts called us to act to Renew the Earnings Tax.  MORE” Co-Chairs Rev. Bobby Love and Rev. Ron Brooks signed the resolution joining the 100+ companies, unions and organizations who were part of the campaign.

Don Hall, President and CEO of Hallmark, received the resolution.

“The Earnings Tax is essential to Kansas City being a vibrant and healthy community,” Don remarked,  “MORE”’s endorsement of our efforts to extend this existing tax is testament to the fact that this tax is fair, necessary and important to maintaining social justice in our community.”

And the results:  77.5% of Kansas Citians voted to renew the Earnings Tax!

MORE” thanks our leadership, who hosted over 15 dialogues and one beautiful rally to educate our families on the Earnings Tax.  In addition to our own congregational work, our leaders volunteered for the campaign–calling, polling and handing out literature–TRULY DEMOCRACY IN ACTION!

For more information on how to support the work of MORE” : http://www.more2.org/contribute/

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