Big Victories From DC Fly-In

The Transportation Equity Network’s (TEN) “One Nation, Indivisible” event in Washington, D.C. on September 21st and 22nd achieved three amazing victories for us.

We invited Secretary LaHood to take part in a series of TEN “listening sessions” in regions across the U.S., sessions that will give you the chance to tell the USDOT exactly what you need to move your local transportation systems from crisis to opportunity. He agreed.

Secretary LaHood committed to personally calling the director of the Illinois Department of the Illinois Department of Transportation to urge him to apply TEN’s Green Construction Careers Model — 30% of workforce hours reserved for low-income people, women, and people of color, and 1% of the total public budget devoted to training low-income apprentices.  The Missouri Model is expanding!

The third victory came when MORE2 and TEN invited our own, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, who is the First Vice-Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, to play a key leadership role as one of our federal champions for transportation equity. We asked Rep. Cleaver to co-convene a Federal Jericho Table with us, built on the model that MORE2 formed in Kansas City to break down barriers for women and people of color in the construction industry.

Rep. Cleaver agreed. “I congratulate you for the work that you’ve done,” he said to MORE2 clergy and task force leaders, “because if you do what we’ve seen in Kansas City, I think that the nation is in for some dramatic changes related to transportation.”

 Pete Stover

MORE2 Access to Opportunity Chair 

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