List of Victories

In 2009:

MORE² worked to expand and preserve public transit and jobs in Missouri and Kansas.

· MORE² convened a 300 person public meeting and got commitments from five members of Congress to meet with us and support public transit funding.

· Within two weeks of this meeting, two MORE² leaders were able to meet with three of the five members of Congress (Congressmen Cleaver and Moore and Senator Brownback) to discuss public transit and jobs in our metro area.

 MORE² worked with Missouri Legislators and school officials to enact legislation aimed at programs that will keep kids in school until graduation.

· After our legislative day in the spring of 2009, this legislation passed!

· MORE² leaders convened educators, superintendents and other experts to build education solutions in our metro area. The first implementation was the Adopt-a-School program. So far, over 60 congregations and businesses have joined with us to support schools in the Kansas City, Missouri School District with after school programs, clean up days, and other activities.

 MORE² secured a commitment from both Missouri gubernatorial candidates to meet with us within the first sixty days of the new governor’s administration.

· In April 2009, we met with Governor Jay Nixon and began our ongoing relationship with the state’s highest office.

 MORE² is working to make a difference on health care and access to healthy food.

· After our banquet in 2008, MORE² began a dialogue with the Kansas City Department of Health to discuss healthcare and equity. Soon, the discussion branched out to dialogue with the Johnson County (KS) and Independence (MO) health departments. This initial dialogue led to the formation of the MORE² Access to Health Task Force.

 MORE² is watching to see that jobs come to our metro area for minorities and women.

· With the mandate of the historic Construction Workforce Ordinance, we have continued to monitor reporting of construction companies who contract with Kansas City, Missouri.

· We asked the City to “Lay down the Hammer” on companies not incompliance with this ordinance. As of this date, 100% of the companies with city contracts are now reporting.

· In December 2009, once again, the MORE² Jericho Table provided the forum, the setting, and the encouragement necessary to bring together the leadership of the EDC Agencies (TIF, Port Authority, LCRA, PIEA, and DESA) and the Construction Workforce Ordinance Board, over a period months, until all parties involved could hammer out a Memorandum of Agreement that unified the statutory agencies and the Workforce Board in commitment to honoring the workforce hiring agreements city-wide.

  In 2008:

· Helped defeat the “Civil Rights Initiative” headed by Ward Connerly, which would have dismantled affirmative action. The defeat in Missouri was executed, in part, by the MORE2 Clergy Caucus Media event held on April 4, 2008 (the 40th Anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr).

· Secured commitments by the candidates for Missouri Governor, Congressman Kenny Hulshof representing the 9th District of Missouri and Attorney General, Jay Nixon to meet with MORE2 and our sister organization, Metropolitan Congregations United within the first 60 days of their administration.

· Held our 3rd annual Imagine Banquet with Jim Wallis from the Sojourners which turned out 600 people.

In 2007:

· Won the passage of a new public policy: the Construction Workforce Ordinance. Two of the MORE2 clergy leaders have been placed on the committee that is writing the policies that will determine how the Ordinance is enforced in Kansas City, MO.

· Unveiled the Gilead Table on November 8, 2007 uniting 40 metro area superintendents, educators and other community leaders in education. This initiative of the MORE2 Education Task Force has the mission of! “Healing our Hurting Public School Systems,” by finding solutions in education with the leaders who make the decisions that affect our children.

· Mary Lim-Lampe was hired as the first full time organizer of MORE2 on July 5, 2007.

 In 2006:

· Passage of a unanimous city council resolution requiring Kansas City, Missouri City Hall to report monthly on hiring goals in construction.

· Hiring of 200 new minority and women workers in the construction industry in one year.

· Passage of Missouri Legislation authorizing an election for mass transit funding in the metropolitan area.

· Promise from the Missouri Department of transportation to set aside 1.5 million for training and hiring disadvantaged workers on the Paseo Bridge replacement.

In 2005:

·  850 in attendance at a public meeting at Zion Grove Baptist Church concerning the construction industry to include minorities and women

· Formation of the Jericho Table to make changes in the hiring of minorities and women in the construction industry — 36 leaders in attendance, representing local construction firms, unions, local government, and educational institutions.