A Place at the Table

Lora McDonald (MORE2) and Representative Bob Nance at Legislative Day

On February 28, 2012, in Jefferson City, MO. Representative Bob Nance (R-Excelsior Springs) addressed 75 faith leaders from MORE2 and MCU, who joined together as “Gamaliel of the Heartland” on legislative day.

In this joint action, leaders celebrated Nance’s sponsorship of HB1238, which would lift the “banned for life” food stamp eligibility status for Missourians with a drug related felony. Prior to introducing Nance, Father Frank Kriskie of Redemptorist Catholic Church passed out bread to the faith leaders, denying some and telling them, “You can’t eat. You committed a drug related felony. You’re banned for life.” Then, he turned to the audience and proclaimed, “This is a demonstration of our current situation. There’s always enough bread. And there is always a place at the table for our brothers and sisters in need. If one is hungry, we all go hungry. We are united.”

Leaders continue to pursue the passage of HB1238, which was heard in the Children and Families Committee on February 29th. Angela Ferguson (a member of All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church) testified in support of the bill on behalf of Gamaliel of the Heartland, along with 15 other Missourians who support HB1238.

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