6th Annual MORE² Banquet Awards

On June 9, 2011, at the 6th Annual MORE² Banquet, MORE² presented two awards in front of 300 people from our congregations, the community and beyond.

The first, the 2011 MORE² Courage Award, was awarded to Donald Hall Jr.  The MORE² Courage Award is given to individuals or companies who exemplify the courage to stay the course and change the inequity in our metro area.  The twenty MORE² Congregations were unanimous in believing that Mr. Hall was deserving of this award because of their very public role in supporting the Save KC campaign to renew the Earnings Tax.

“”With a name like his, it’s hard to hide who you are,” remarked Rev. Ron Brooks, “Don Hall put his name and his company on the line to protect the future of all the citizens of our metro area by joining the earnings tax renewal campaign.”

The second award was the 2011 MORE² Equity Partner of the Year award to Missouri Senator Yvonne Wilson.  While in the Senate, in 2009, Senator Wilson sponsored and supported a MORE² initiative called the “Persistence to Graduation” act, which provides for innovative programs to prevent children from dropping out of school.  Through this initiative, Senator Wilson provided direction to our leadership.   We believe that she learned from our leadership as well.

“Whenever a community group asks me, ‘How do you make change?’, I tell them, do what MORE² does,” she remarked, “Whenever I told them to show up, they did.”

MORE² congratulates all the winners and the MORE²  Board for a successful Banquet!

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