2011 Congregational Assembly

After a vibrant and energetic opening dance from Zion Grove Missionary Baptist Church Praise Team, the 200 people assembled in St. Stephen Baptist Church was called to order by Rev. Ron Brooks and Rev. Bobby Love. The two talked about what our community was like “Sometime ago…” and the needs of the community which brought MORE² together.

“Some time ago, some of us decided to come together tonight to celebrate relationships that inspire us,” Rev. Ron Brooks (MORE² Co-Chair) began.

“So, we’ve come together from the East, West, North and South and we are here together tonight to celebrate the accomplishments of MORE²,” Rev. Bobby Love (MORE² Co-Chair) announced.

Ana Garcia Ashley, the new Executive Director of the Gamaliel Foundation, remarked in her keynote address, “I’m standing here today because my grandmother took the time to teach me about my relationship with God and to teach me I had a divine purpose.”

Highlight of the event was the signing of the Renewal of the Earnings Tax Resolution by the Co-Chairs.  Don Hall, President and CEO of Hallmark, was on hand to receive the resolution.

The event yielded $1000 towards training the leadership of MORE².

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